Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch

If you read the story about Lina and her exploration through Florence, Italy in Jenna Evans Welch’s love and luckprevious book, Love & Gelato, then I am happy to announce that the story continues!  In Love & Luck, the reader gets to meet in more detail Addie, Lina’s bestest friend. 

Welch starts up where she left off in the previous book.  Addie, after losing her bestest friend to another country, has to survive the worst experience to ever happen to a young girl in the modern age – she trusted a boy and he broke her heart.  The worst part about it?  It was the teammate of her oldest friend, her brother Ian.  Crushed, she escapes under the guise of her Aunt’s fourth or fifth wedding, to Ireland, dreading the start of school after the summer is over.  The only ray of light she has is to be reunited with her best friend in Italy for a few days.

However, things go wrong when Ian decides he isn’t going with Addie to Italy and is staying in Ireland.  In hopes of changing his mind, Addie tags along, ultimately missing her flight and losing that glimmer of Lina.  With no other choice, she ends up tagging along with Ian and his new, unexpected friend, Rowan.  During the trip, she finds a guidebook to help mend her broken heart, and goes off on an unexpected adventure through Ireland.  Along the way, she mends her relationship with Ian, discovering that there is more to him than the all-star footballer player everyone else sees, and discovering herself outside of her broken heart. 

(Amanda Sanson, Central Library)

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