That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper

That Month in TuscanyAny book that allows the reader to travel into foreign and faraway places with the main character is always a good choice.  One that lets you fall in love with a rock star as well?  Sure!

That is just what happens to thirty-eight year old Lizzy Harper when she decides to take her 20th anniversary trip to Italy, sans her estranged lawyer husband.  She had planned to spend the month exploring Florence and Rome with her husband to rekindle the love they once had, but decides to go on her own as a means of finding the woman she once was, as well as finding the passion she had for photography.  In the process, she lands into the lap (literally) of Ren Sawyer, the lead vocalist of her daughter’s favorite band, Temporal.  Lizzy soon discovers that Ren, in a strange turn of events, finds a sense of relief from a darkness he harbors within him when he is with her.  The quiet, leisurely vacation she had envisioned is turned upside down when she runs away with Ren through the hills of Italy, hiding from her husband, and trying to mend the heartbreak she and Ren both have.

Personally, I recommend this book because of the tour guide level descriptions of the places that Lizzy visits in Rome.  The author leads her readers by the hand into the cafés, delighting us with the aromas of the wine and cuisine that Lizzy enjoys, as well as well-written descriptions of the views she is fortunate to see through the lens of her camera.  Cooper’s multiple narrative writing style allows the reader to understand the feelings and motives of each main character, from Lizzy, to her husband Ty, to Ren, and even their daughter Kylie.

That Month in Tuscany is a heartwarming read that has its heavy moments, but at the end left me feeling happy at the resolution, and the happiness that Lizzy eventually discovers.

(Amanda Sanson, Central Library)


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