Meet the Frugalwoods by Elizabeth Willard Thames

In Meet The Frugalwoods, the author writes in memoir form about how she and herMeet The Frugalwoods husband followed the path to their dreams by extreme frugality.

As she’ll emphasize in the book, the monetary method that the couple followed was a personal choice, rather than a necessity.  The Thameses both had successful careers and were living the alleged dream in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  After years of living in basement apartments and squeezing pennies, they bought a house in one of the priciest markets in the country.  They had “everything,” but did much thought and research into finding what they really wanted – in this case, a 66 acre stretch of rolling hills and woods in Vermont.

Getting there required drastic measures.  They learned to pare away unnecessities, discovered the value of giveaways and discarded furniture, and put in warp drive a savings plan.  A few years later, with an infant daughter in tow, they were the proud owners of their Vermont homestead.

Are their goals attainable by anyone?  Probably not, and suffice it to say that Meet The Frugalwoods is not exactly a How-To-Get-Rich type of book.  The Thameses strike me as being way more driven than your average Joe.  Also, the author is quick to emphasize that she and her husband have had far more advantages to begin with than most people, and still do.  But, I won’t say that the two don’t have a work ethic – far from it.

With that disclaimer, Meet The Frugalwoods is still highly readable, and there are lots of ideas here to spur the reader onto focusing long-term preparation into future dreams.

(William Hicks, Information Services)




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