There Is No God and He Is Always with You by Brad Warner

there is no GodIn recent years, there’s been a fair amount of debate on the existence of God.  Depending on which side (atheist or believer) there is rarely any common ground, and we rarely hear another take on the subject.

In this book, the author, a Zen Buddhist monk and occasional punk rock musician, re-approaches the concept of a deity in a series of conversational chapters.  The hard questions of the universe, death, meditation, and even suicide are fair game.  Warner doesn’t purport to have the answers, and part of the frustration, and perhaps whimsy of his book is that he often raises more questions.

The appeal of this book is his style.  Warner doesn’t talk down to his reader.  Throughout, he remains personable and humorous, and even if you walk away quizzically from reading his book, it’ll get you thinking about how you approach the idea of God, whether you believe in one or not.


The book is not a dry tome.  There’s discussion of spirituality for sure, but you also get lots of Warner’s back history, and apparently he has had an interesting life as a musician, filmmaker, and Buddhist monk.  He has traveled a fair bit; locales in Japan, the Zen retreat of Tassajara in California, and even Northern Ireland all play into the picture.

Other books by Brad Warner include Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, Sit Down and Shut Up, Sex, Sin, and Zen, and Don’t Be a Jerk and Other Practical Advice from Dgen, Japan’s Greatest Zen Master.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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