Holes by Louis Sachar

holesI found a copy of Louis Sachar’s Holes in the laundromat last summer and immediately snatched it up, vaguely remembering how good the movie was that I saw years back. It took me a while to finish it as life happens, but I did.  The book is an intriguing read of fate, destiny, and friendship.

There is a great mystery in the book about why children are sent to a prison camp and need to dig holes. There is apparently a lesson to be learned digging holes all day for reasons unknown, and that lesson is slowly revealed to us. I also liked the subtle theme of faith and God woven into the pages of this book.

This book certainly won the Newbery Medal for a good reason and I am glad that seeing the movie prompted me to pick up the book. It is a great read, especially easy to digest for people like me.

(Stella Oh, Glenwood Branch Library)

(Editor’s note – In my opinion, this is one where both the movie and book are good.  Plus, in the movie, it’s fun to watch Sigourney Weaver and Jon Voight ham it up as villains.)


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