Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Author Rowell has captured the essence of being an unusual, awkward teenagerfangirl springing into adulthood.  The aspect about Cath, the main character, that will capture most readers is the veer from the traditional depiction of an ideal teenage character to someone like Cath.  Instead of a bombshell teen in disguise who changes for those around her, we have Cath.

Cath is a twin, and the more introverted of the two.  Their mother left Cath and her sister Wren when they were 8 years old, leaving them to handle and care for their sporadic, workaholic, and mentally unstable father.

Initially, Wren wants to separate herself from Cath to find herself, but ends up crashing and burning, leaving Cath to try to pick up the pieces.  Cath must deal with the inner struggle of letting go of the comfort she had in Omaha, Nebraska prior to college and coping with all the newness in her life.  To handle this change, she dives into the familiar fictional world of Simon Snow by her favorite author, Gemma T. Leslie.  Simon Snow is the equivalent to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series in the real world.

Cath never changes who she is at her core.  Unlike her sister, she does not go out and drink, or try to join a sorority.  She maintains a respectful relationship with her roommate, Reagan, and a distance to blindingly optimistic sort-of boyfriend Levi who is constantly at their dorm room.  However, Reagan becomes closer to Cath despite differences, and inadvertently, so does Levi.  This is especially true after Cath’s boyfriend from back home in Omaha, Abel, breaks off their comfortable, yet shallow, relationship.  Cath must learn to manage her newly found emotions and rein in her life.

All in all, Fangirl is an enjoyable book and interesting read.  Rainbow Rowell keeps you hanging on her every word and introduces a duality in which we follow Cath and peek into the world of Simon Snow through Cath’s fanfiction.  Fangirl is inspiring to both young and old by the ability to relate to someone who is juggling life the best way she can, which involves mental hurdles, social aversion, coping, and adjusting to change.

For the readers and fans of Fangirl who want more about Simon Snow, Rowell has released Carry On as its own separate novel.

Carry on, readers!

(Amanda Sanson, Central Library)


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  1. Read and rock on, Amanda!
    Jonah @ Central

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