Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

The apartment building at 101 Bury Street in Beacon Hill is a hotbed of lonely pensioners,her-every-fear voyeuristic neighbors, apartment-swapping cousins – and now a murder.

Kate Priddy needs a new beginning.  She’s taken a fair amount of time recovering from a horrific kidnapping by her ex-boyfriend, during which she was locked in a closet for days.  When her American cousin suggests that they swap residences for six months (his in Boston, hers in London) she at first is skeptical but then is glad to accept.

His apartment at 101 Bury is large and quite nice.  But one of the first people she meets in the apartment building is a panicked friend of Audrey, a resident next door who has been unresponsive, and Kate, in her precarious state, suspects the worst.

She would be correct, and the first week of her half-year in America is a fear fest for Kate as she tries to make sense of the tragedy next door and suspects that she is not alone in her apartment.

Making things even stranger are her encounters with an ex-boyfriend of Audrey’s who is convinced that Kate’s cousin Corbin was the killer, and the nice-looking man living directly across the courtyard from Audrey’s apartment, who has a bizarre secret of his own.

Her Every Fear is a pot-boiler told in multiple voices that begs you to skip bedtime.  Some parts of it are a bit derivative (think Rear Window for the digital age) but that’s minor.  The author has written a quick read thriller that will make you check the door lock a few times after you finish reading.

Caution – in places, not for the squeamish.

(William Hicks, Information Services)



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