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The Watcher in the Wall by Owen Laukkanen

It’s bad enough that misguided and depressed teenagers commit suicide.  It’s even morewatcher in the wall horrific when an online presence actually urges them to do so, and to film the act using webcams.

For Kirk Stevens, it hits home too closely when one of his daughter’s classmates kills himself.  Stevens is with a combined FBI/local crime unit task force, and his FBI partner Carla Windermere takes an intense interest in pursuing the case, so much that their boss is glad to let them take it on.

The online person, whoever it is, proves elusive.  The person is nominally known as Ashley Frey, who goes by several other pseudonyms, but each of these is hard to track down – and kids keep dying, egged on by this someone who knows too much, and takes malicious pleasure in other’s demises.

Needless to say, Agent Windermere wants the perpetrator’s head on a platter.

The Watcher in the Wall is the fifth of Laukkanen’s Stevens and Windermere series.  I haven’t read the previous four, but if this one is any indication of writing quality, I’d definitely have a go at the others.

(William Hicks, Information Services)




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