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Wesley the Owl : The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacy O’Brien

Stacy, a young biologist, brought home a baby barn owl with an injured wing, since he wesley the owlcould not survive in the wild.  Little Wesley became strongly attached to Stacy, who quickly became devoted to her pet.

Recent scientific research is disproving the traditional idea that birds are stupid, and the story of Wesley confirms these new discoveries.  Wesley’s ability to communicate with Stacy was amazing.  She described his walking behind her, apparently telling her about the events of his day by making the sounds that accompanied his various activities, such as eating mice.  When he came to a place in the house where someone he disliked had been, he’d hiss!

Since Stacy’s education and work with other owls gave her a far greater understanding of Wesley than the usual pet owner would have, readers will learn a lot about these intelligent, affectionate birds.  One interesting fact is that barn owls are so well adapted to eating mice that they don’t require any other food or liquid; if fed meat without the bones and other parts of the mice, they will not flourish.  Another is that barn owls, which mate for life, usually die soon after the death of the mate.

If the thought of a barn owl “hugging” his owner with his wings and the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures appeal to you, then read this book!

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)

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