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The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

road to little dribblingIf you are a fan of Bill Bryson’s and read Notes from a Small Island years ago, you’ll know he has a bemused affection for his adopted Great Britain.  The Road to Little Dribbling is a sequel of sorts to Notes…, except that Bryson has a more determined destination to cover, but… if you know his writing style, you’ll know that diversion will play a major part in his explorations.

Great Britain comes deliciously alive with Bryson’s observations, which are funny and snarky, and very opinionated.  He will quite willingly poke fun at or say something scathing about places or people he encounters, and then just as quickly make a jab at himself for his own shortcomings.

Even though Bryson casts a critical eye on practically everything, there’s still much that he expounds on about his adopted homeland – everyday customs, the scenery, etc. – that will make the most jaded of readers want to eventually visit Great Britain.

So go visit Bognor Regis and find out a previous monarch’s disdain for the place.  Go see some coastal villages on the North Sea and have a history lesson of Britain’s fishing industry, Bryson-style.  Have a pint or two (or more) at whichever pub is available.  And finally, set foot on Cape Wrath at the extreme north of the island and pray you have a rain jacket and some proper boots.

I have been to the British Isles twice, and now want to go back – and I don’t even like rain.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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