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Vanishing Games by Roger Hobbs

The black market jewelry trade in Southeast Asia sets the pace for vanishing gamesVanishing Games, the second in a series that began with Ghostman two years ago.

If you’ve read the first book (it doesn’t hurt, but it’s not necessary) you’ll know the work of its main character, some of it grisly, all of it cold and clean.  Jack, as he is known, makes the messier parts of a heist or crime disappear, and for long stretches of time, he typically is undetectable, except for a few carefully chosen people.

One of these is his former mentor Angela, who taught Jack most of his tricks of the trade.  The two also became quite close, until a botched bank job six years before separated them, and Angela completely disappeared – until now.

She is now contacting him to help her with a sapphire heist gone badly wrong.  It seems that there is something else lucrative and desirable with the sapphires that an unknown party wants, and they are happy to mail off body parts to get their point across.

Jack and Angela barely manage to stay one step ahead of their adversaries, whose ranks eventually include certain organized crime circles in Macau.  It’s a wonder that either of them stay alive.

Vanishing Games is a nonstop gritty tale of loyalty that has you guessing to the last page.  If action thrillers are your weakness, this one is waiting on you.  Be sure to have a strong stomach.

(William Hicks, Information Services)






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