Life or Death by Michael Robotham

Life or DeathLife or Death is a churning, twisted mass of tales that revolve around seven million dollars that may or may not exist.

The mystery begins when Audie Palmer breaks out one day before he’s scheduled for release from prison.  His ten-year sentence has been harder than most.  Mainly, it’s everyone thinking that he knows the whereabouts of a seven million dollar heist for which he got convicted.  As such, Audie endures beatings, knifings, and other death attempts as a matter of daily life in his jail tenure.  You can’t blame him for wanting to leave a little prematurely, but why?

The man has his reasons, and the important one is stay off the radar of the individuals who convicted him.  Unfortunately, Audie has a promise to keep that he made in his pre-prison past, and it involves a situation that’s uncomfortably close to one of his former adversaries.

If only Audie had waited one more day – he now has local law and the FBI alike looking for him.  And despite his need to stay out of the limelight, Audie is a kind soul, and it’s an act of kindness that leads to a sure doom for him.

Life or Death is another thriller of multiple storylines, for the most part told in short chapters, that begs the reader to stay awake into the wee hours.  You’ll cheer on Audie, a troubled and quietly mystical figure who manages to plow through the worst of what anyone throws at him, which is plenty.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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