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Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty edited by Ronnie Sellers

Turning fifty is not a death sentence, the end of the road, or being officially old – even if you are cleared to joinfifty AARP.  Passing this landmark year is more like a new door being opened, and in this helpful collection of essays, you’ll find lots of encouragement and tips to live into your ripe new age.

The contributors here cover many of the issues of the newly aged – how one looks, facilities and memory, your finances, and career ideas.  You have Garrison Keillor starting us off with a firm stance on what you should do post-50 (stop complaining, give up certain things, lose some weight).  Diane Von Furstenberg chimes in on looks, what to wear, and one’s personal bearing.  Suze Orman exhorts the reader to lose the mortgage, told in her best no nonsense manner.  And Harold Kushner tells us of the advantages of growing older, of having different perspectives.

There are sections on health, others on spirituality.  There are essays on the importance of having fun and taking risks.  The book is a nice grab bag of musings on stepping over the threshold of fifty, told by those who have done it.

Some of the essays are pretty common sensical.  Also, bear in mind the publication date (2005).  Other than that, there’s plenty of food for thought here.

(William Hicks, Information Services, and newly fifty)


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