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Nobody Walks by Mick Herron

Nobody WalksThere’s nothing like coming home for your son’s funeral and finding out how many people want you dead, or shall we say, compromised.

Tom Bettany is an exile from a past life.  He’d rather do mind numbing work at a meat-packing plant in France than dwell on his younger days, when he had a family in London.  But his wife is dead, and his twenty-six year old son Liam has nothing to say to his dad, until it’s too late.  Bettany finds out from a days-old phone message that his son took a deadly tumble from his apartment balcony.

He is barely able to make the funeral, where he makes the acquaintance of a former coworker of Liam and finds out what he did for a living.  All people associated with his son are suddenly of interest to Bettany – he is not convinced that Liam’s last dive was an accident.

His questioning various bar and club owners in the area doesn’t help.  If anything, it alerts other curious parties who know of Bettany’s background.  Some want revenge enacted; others see Bettany’s presence as an opportunity to spin fortune’s wheel in their direction, since they know what he’s capable of.

The author is completely capable enough himself to tie several story lines into a first-rate novel where the past is a lost cause and the future is dangerous.  Enter Nobody Walks if you are a lover of fast-paced British thrillers.

If you like Herron’s style, be sure to check out some of his other titles here at the library.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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