Until the Real Thing Comes Along by Elizabeth Berg

until the real thingAs a child, Patty loved playing with dolls, and her fondest dream was growing up to have children of her own.  When she was in sixth grade, she fell in love with Ethan, and now, at the age of thirty-six, she longs to marry him and have the family she’s always wanted.  However, Ethan has made it clear that a romantic relationship with him is not going to happen.  Patty can’t bring herself to have a serious relationship with any other man.  Meanwhile, her biological clock is ticking…

Berg’s novel will pull you in so that you want to read it in one sitting.  While it’s a quick, easy read, almost every paragraph is filled with an insight or a quotable sentence.  For example: “Men might on occasion turn their heads in a restaurant to watch me walk by, but they never stop chewing.  They stop chewing for my friend Elaine. They stop breathing for my friend Elaine.”  Another example, as she reluctantly gets ready for a blind date: “…I need a watch so I can tell the exact second tonight when it wouldn’t be too rude to say, ‘Well, I do have to work tomorrow.’ “

I’ve also read Berg’s The Art of Mending, in which Laura, a middle-aged woman, wonders if her sister’s accusations against their mother are true, and The Year of Pleasures, about a widow’s building a new life for herself.  I recommend checking out several of this author’s novels!

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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