Belfast Noir edited by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville

The powers-that-be of the long-running Noir Series have turnedbelfast their attentions to Belfast, Northern Ireland.  If there’s one place that seems ripe for hardboiled crime fiction, it has to be Belfast.  With its violent history, there’s plenty of story material, and the authors here take to it with a vengeance – literally.

For starters, it helps to have some basic knowledge of the city’s history.   For examples, if you don’t know the significance of the Good Friday Agreement or the Troubles, you might get lost.  However, the editors have included a nice introduction that encapsulates the history of Belfast, so definitely check it out before reading.

In the first story “The Undertaking”, someone has to deliver a closed coffin from across the border, and who knows what it contains.  In “The Reservoir”, a long disappeared father shows up for his daughter’s wedding and makes it an evening most would like to forget.  In “The Reveller”, an elderly pub owner has too much of a past to end his days quietly.  And in Lee Child’s (yes – apparently, he has Belfast connections) “Wet with Rain”, two Americans take an inordinate interest in buying a rundown  house.  And there are many more.

There are short biographies of the authors and editors at the end of the book – besides Lee Child, who doesn’t really need an introduction, most of the authors here have been published for some time, although they may not be known here in the States.  I have heard of both the editors, though (the library has several of Adrian McKinty’s and Stuart Neville’s books).    We also have some of Brian McGilloway’s Inspector Devlin series and Sam Millar’s novels.

Belfast Noir an unsettling set of tales, set in an unsettling place that has too long of a history to ignore.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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