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The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett

bookman'sThis best-selling novel by an author from Winston-Salem draws on Lovett’s passion for book collecting and his experience as an antiquarian book dealer.  It includes an appealing love story about the love of a shy, bookish young man for a beautiful young woman, as well as a tale about a book which, if not a forgery, will prove that William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him, destroying the claims of those attributing the works to other authors.

Peter Byerly, a young dealer in rare books, finds, stuck into a volume in a secondhand bookshop, a small watercolor portrait painted in Victorian times.  Amazingly, the portrait looks exactly like Peter’s deceased wife.  While searching for information on the portrait, he finds a book supposedly printed in Shakespeare’s day, with marginal notes in Shakespeare’s handwriting.  If authentic, this is the holy grail of book collectors, worth millions of dollars!

While The Bookman’s Tale will probably appeal most to book collectors and others with a passion for rare books, it will also interest readers interested in Shakespeare, those intrigued by intellectual mysteries, and those who enjoy reading love stories.

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)

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