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Mapping the Edge by Sarah Dunant

A well-read woman told me, when lending me a copy of this book, that Sarah Dunant is her favoritemapping author.  Maybe she’ll be yours as well!

Anna, a journalist living in London, is the loving single mother of six-year-old Lily.  She is not alone in caring for Lily – she can depend on assistance from Patricia, a superb babysitter, from Paul, a friend whom Lily considers as her father, and from Estella, who lives in Amsterdam but visits when she can and spends a lot of time on the phone with Lily.

Suddenly, Anna goes to Italy, supposedly on a very short trip, with short notice to Patricia – and none to Paul or Estella.  Days drag on without word of where she is, why she went, or when she’ll be back.

Where is Anna?  In Mapping the Edge, The author presents two alternative stories, each interesting and suspenseful.  Is she with a lover, seeking to develop a new lifestyle in addition to that of a mother?  Or is she the victim of a kidnapper?  Will she ever come home, or must Paul, Estella, and Patricia manage to care for Lily without Anna?

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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