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Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix

If you’ve ever thumbed through an Ikea catalog, it’s always great fun to snicker over the crazy Scandinavian names for theirhorrorstor merchandise.  Ikea’s whole concept seems ripe for a spoof.

Horrorstör gleefully pokes fun at the Ikea idea with a fictionalized chain store called Orsk, offering tasteful home furnishings for YOUR home.  Okay, I digress…

Our heroine is Amy, a twenty-something recent college dropout who is not corporate material, but works for Orsk in Cleveland.  Her nemesis is Basil, the deputy store manager who is the epitome of retail gung-ho.  Amy avoids him like the plague – she is determined that he wants to fire her.

Something odd is going on in our perfect store.  Someone is trashing furniture displays after closing time.  These things simply can’t happen, not with the Orsk powers that be pondering over the store’s future.

When Basil tracks Amy down, he recruits her and another coworker for an overnight shift to catch the perpetrators.  And we learn that a store’s success is all about location, location, location.  In this case, perhaps they shouldn’t have built this Orsk where they did…

For a quick read, Horrorstör is pretty light weight, but fun.  There’s some gruesome places, but compared to an average Stephen King opus, the book probably won’t keep you in nightmares too badly, unless you have a huge aversion to rats, water, ghosts, or retail buzzwords.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


One Response

  1. Wonderful review, William!
    I like. – jonah

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