The Lewis Man by Peter May

Police detective Fin Macleod is leaving his job in Edinburgh to return to his childhood home on Lewis, a lewis manstorm-lashed island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.  This move is complicated – he has just signed divorce papers and is trying to put a personal tragedy behind him.  But other tragedies vie for Fin’s attention.  There’s a mummified body found in a peat bog that proves recent enough for a police investigation, and it appears that there’s a connection between the deceased and Tormod Macdonald, the father of Fin’s former love interest, Marsaili.

Is Marsaili’s dad a suspect?  It will be rough going trying to get anything out of him – he is losing his mind to dementia, and his wife has committed him to a nursing home.  There, he spends his days in memories of teenage years, where he and his younger brother lived in a brutal orphanage, witnessed something horrific that happened to a school bully, and then were fostered out to a loveless older brother and sister.

Maybe it is best not to worry Tormod with things that were probably out of his control.  However, Fin, the ex-investigator that he is, finds out way more stones to be unturned, and some danger from the past.  He also realizes that he still has feelings for Marsaili, and that both of them have a common stake in their extended family, even if this means contending with the local church pastor, who has his own grudges with Fin.

Author May can write a page turner, and The Lewis Man doesn’t disappoint.  The author also evokes an interesting picture of the hard life and weather of the Outer Hebrides, and the natural beauty of the area.  To give you an idea of what these islands look like, take a look at this online gallery of photographs from a book that came out as a companion to the Lewis Trilogy.  And, we hope they’ll actually publish book three in the series over here soon.

(William Hicks, Information Services)



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