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Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

Jack Delton, or whatever his nom du jour is, lives an undetected life – one that runs on a ghostmanseries of fake IDs and a stack of hundreds.  Jack’s livelihood is that of a ghostman – somebody who makes things happen behind the scenes of crimes, whether it be a drug deal or a major bank robbery.  A ghostman flits invisibly from job to job, changing appearances and locations as needed.

To hire Jack, you have to contact him, and this is nigh impossible, unless you are a bigwig crime lord who needs “cleanup” services after a casino heist in New Jersey goes bad – and Jack owes him big.

Jack, honorable albeit cold-hearted, takes on the job, and finds a snake pit of trouble.  The FBI are after him, as are other nefarious sorts who have designs on the object of the heist – a container of 1.2 million in bills that is rigged with ink packets set to explode at a certain time.

Ghostman is told completely from Jack’s point of view, as he sets his razor-sharp focus on present day woes and flashes back to a flubbed heist five years back.  As a premiere novel, it’s a surprisingly good page turner.  Having a Lee Child endorsement on the front cover probably doesn’t hurt things either.

Be prepared for some grisly parts.  Mentioning Lee Child – if you are a fan of his Jack Reacher books, you’ll likely want to read this one.

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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