Gene Everlasting by Gene Logsdon

Despite the title, Gene Logsdon looks, not so such for immortality, but for the eternal in thegene natural world, observing the lives of plants and animals that are unfazed amidst the encroachment of suburbia and pesticides and keep coming back.  He sees this continuation as a type of everlasting life, albeit one that is in a constant state of renewal.  Logsdon also considers humans part of this circle of life.

This latest set of essays finds the author ruminating widely – on common weeds, the culture of buzzards, pig butchering, the deaths of pets and loved ones, even his own shaky bout with cancer.  Logsdon is very much an advocate of nature, but he doesn’t sugarcoat his observations, even voicing his dislike of persistent flora.  He manages it all with a kind of laconic wit, and in his own gentle way, invites us to view what’s around us (city, country, or wherever) with a different eye.

Gene Everlasting is not a book you have to finish in one sitting.  Each essay runs 5-6 pages, with a few longer.  It is a book that begs for quietness – a good porch read, preferably with bird song in the background.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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  1. I’m so glad to have run across this post today! I am a big fan of Gene Logsdon (The Contrary Farmer is my favorite), but I wasn’t aware that he had a new book out. Thanks for giving me something to add to my birthday wish list!

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