A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

wanted manI read a newspaper account of an interview with someone who said that, if she were to be executed at dawn, she’d spend her last night reading a Jack Reacher novel.  I won’t go quite that far.  (I don’t, of course, expect ever to be executed – after all, how many retired librarians face execution?)

This thriller is, however, a page turner!

Child is the author of seventeen Jack Reacher thrillers, including best sellers and award winners, but this fairly recent one (2012) is the only one I’ve read.  While Jack Reacher, the main character, was new to me, I could understand the story without knowledge of the earlier novels.

As A Wanted Man begins, an eyewitness is describing a late-night incident in which three men entered a small bunker in Nebraska, but only two emerged, and then blood flowed from under the bunker’s door.  The witness’ 911 call has brought in the local sheriff – and will result in involvement by the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security.  At about the same time, Jack Reacher, a large man with a broken nose, is catching a ride on a Nebraska highway.  His skills as a former military policeman will prove invaluable as he becomes involved in the murder investigation.

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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