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The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

How do female brains differ from those of males?  Why do infant girls spend more time gazing at their mothers’ faces than baby boys do?  Why dofemale brain little girls so often begin playing with sentences beginning with the word “let’s,” as in, “Let’s play dolls, ok?”  Why do teenage girls gather in groups, while spreading negative rumors about these friends?  What traits make a woman consider a man to be husband material?  How does a woman’s brain change after the birth of a child?  What changes occur in the brain of a middle-aged woman?

This book by a neuropsychiatrist, based on extensive scientific study and on her practical experience with patients, answers these questions – and many more.  Brizendine tells us that, although “more than 99 percent of male and female genetic coding is exactly the same,” men and women are significantly different.  The differences, which often go back to our Stone Age ancestors, come from our body chemistry as well as from our DNA and our training.

This easy-to-read book will help women to understand themselves and will guide both women and men to a better understanding of other people.

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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