I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

messengerEd Kennedy is a nobody, it seems, until he disarms a hapless bank robber.  Then he has the attention of everybody in town, including a mysterious entity that mails him a series of playing cards with clues written on them.  Each clue concerns a person in town who has a problem that Ed needs to solve.  As he fumbles through these daunting tasks, Ed grows up – from a nineteen year old illegal cab driver to someone with ideas of possibility and responsibility.

I Am the Messenger is a feel good book that takes a while to get there.  Our hero has to step into situations he could barely fathom in his earlier life.  Ed gets threatened, beat up, cajoled and bullied.  He also resolves issues that ultimately improve the lives of all involved. 

When I first started reading I Am the Messenger, I had to remind myself that the setting is in Australia.  Some of the slang takes some getting used to, and the reference to the seasons (Christmas in the summer, but they’re in the southern hemisphere) is a little confusing.  That being mentioned, the book is still a quick and entertaining read.  You’ll be pulling for Ed and friends as they slog their way through nowhere jobs, card games, and life.

This book is available in hard copy and as an e-book.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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