Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher

This novel by bestselling author Pilcher tells the stories of five people who gather one winter at a large Victorian house in a Scottish village.  Elfrida is a retired actress who found love late in life, only to endure the death of her loved one.  Now she accompanies a grieving friend to Scotland, where Carrie, a thirty-year-old relative of Elfrida’s, and Carrie’s fourteen-year-old niece, Lucy, join them for the holidays.  Then Sam, a businessman recently hired to run a local textile mill, appears.  Due to a snowstorm, he has no choice except to spend the season with them.  Some of these five people, ranging from retirees to a teenager, are total strangers to one another.  These individuals face many challenges – grief, the end of romantic relationships, feeling abandoned by loved ones, financial difficulties – but, working together, they find solutions as they form close relationships with one another.

 While Winter Solstice gets off to a slow start, readers will soon become fascinated by the believable, caring characters  and the Scottish setting.  This is a truly heartwarming novel!

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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