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Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

One of my friends, after reading all of Jane Austen’s novels, moved on to the historical romances written by Georgette Heyer. Grand Sophy, considered one of Heyer’s best, was on the short list of my friend’s favorites.

Heyer, inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, which were set in England’s Regency period (1790-1820), became one of the leading authors of historical romances and particularly liked to write Regency romances.  Since her readers, unlike Austen’s, were often unfamiliar with the Regency period, Heyer did a great deal of research to present an accurate picture of life in that era.

As Grand Sophy begins, Sophy’s father tells his sister that his career as a diplomat will take him to Brazil.  He asks if she and her family could accept Sophy as a guest while he is gone, since at that time, a young woman would not live alone.  Sophy causes an uproar when she arrives at her relatives’ home with a monkey and a parrot.  It quickly becomes evident that she is not the typical young woman of the era; her skills include shooting a pistol and driving carriages pulled by fast horses.  Almost immediately, she sizes up the family and determines to manage their affairs, including their love lives.  You may find yourself laughing aloud as you follow the plot.

I read this novel on my e-reader after checking it out through the library’s website.  If you have an e-reader but have not discovered how to borrow books for it, call the library’s reference desk (335-5430) to find out about this service.

If you enjoy reading Grand Sophy, you might also like Heyer’s other novels; six other titles for e-readers are available through the library website and many more are available in print at the library.

(Helen Snow, retired from Information Services)


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