What’s the Economy for, Anyway? by John de Graaf and David K. Batker

For most of the past seventy years, the almighty Gross Domestic Product has been the prime determinant in figuring and keeping track of economic growth.  In recent times, though, with a hard-to-shake recession, it’s becoming harder to accept the GDP, or economic growth itself, as an accurate measure of how well our economy really works, and whether it serves us or we serve it.

The authors set forth a brash, humorous batch of suggestions for solving our current economic woes, and do so by humanizing the problems that beset us.  They discuss such issues as health care, work hours, retirement systems, and the like, bringing up examples of what works well elsewhere in the world, and also include historical perspectives that remind the reader that even a hundred years or more ago, some people were considering such things as vacation time and limited work hours as important. 

Are their suggestions idealistic?  In lots of ways, yes.  But, with many of the examples here, what de Graaf and Batker put forth as alternatives to our current situation are doable in the long run.  Take a look at What’s The Economy for, Anyway?, and draw your own conclusions.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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