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The Outlaw Album by Daniel Woodrell

For fans of Winter’s Bone, here’s the new short story collection by Daniel Woodrell.  His subjects for The Outlaw Album are still the unflinching folk of the Missouri Ozarks, Woodrell’s own stomping grounds.  Their tales are raw and occasionally grisly and reflect to a marvelous effect the hard lives of this unforgiving landscape.

Woodrell does gritty better than anybody, and writes about desolation and hardship so eloquently that the reader easily inhabits the world of his characters, and what an unsettling world – characters include a neighbor who not only murders the rich man next door, but feels compelled to repeat the act on what’s left of the dead body; the owner of a backwoods campground who revels in the beauty of the place even after he stands down troublemakers and dreads their repercussions; the musings of a man in a relationship that’s gone off, and others.  Most of these stories are deceptively brief and are worth a second read just to re-affirm the surprise factor.  One of them (Woe to Live On) is longer and looks like what Woodrell fleshed out to be the book of the same name, later realized on film as Ang Lee’s Ride with the Devil.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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  1. I just finished Winter’s Bone and loved it! I actually have had The Outlaw Album on my wish list since seeing it come out, and was enjoying Winter’s Bone so much I looked up with other books Woodrell had written and realized he was the author of both. Glad to hear you liked The Outlaw Album–I love the “grittiness” of his writing and will be reading this soon!

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