I Have Fun Wherever I Go by Mike Edison

Self-described college dropout Edison takes the reader on a bombastic joy ride through his tenures writing for (how shall we say it?  alternative magazines) High Times and Screw magazines, observing and sometimes participating in the culture of wrestling,  and traveling the world playing in punk and experimental rock bands. 

To say this is a memoir of outrage is an understatement.  For fans of rock music biographies and writers such as Chuck Klosterman, I Have Fun… will be a treat.  The author has brushes with fame and near-fame, has career highs and lows, and parties with the best of them.  The insights into the world of magazine publishing culture, particularly that of High Times, is hilarious.  The book, however, is not for the faint-hearted or puritanical.  Edison writes “grit” better than anybody I have read yet, and occasional content may be objectionable to some.  I had no objections, and frequently was laughing uncontrollably in public places and having people look at me funny.  I let them look and kept on reading.   

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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