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Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott

Sam Capra is happily married, a CIA career man working in London, and a soon-to-be father.  What starts out as an average workday soon changes into a never-ending nightmare; he narrowly escapes a bombing of his work office following a terse phone call from his pregnant wife, who is being kidnapped in the process.  Sam has little idea who her abductors are.  To complicate things, he’s the only survivor of the bombing and therefore a prime suspect.  His once sterling reputation is tainted beyond repair.

Though imprisoned and tortured, Sam refuses to admit guilt for himself or his wife.  In a compromised pardon, he becomes a bartender in Brooklyn and a watched man, living in a limited existence in which he is powerless to find his wife and child.  Then Sam gets the proverbial offer he can’t refuse – after he kills an intruder in his apartment with a strange tattoo and stows away on a freighter en route to Holland.

Adrenaline is a globe-hopping quick read through crime underworlds and secret service intrigues, with a few high-tech scares to keep the heart thumping.  Suspense thrillers are generally not my usual choice of reading material, but this one had enough bite to make me burn through the pages.

Jeff Abbott has written many more previous books.  If you like this one, check out his other books the library has via this link.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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