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Pie Town by Lynne Hinton

Hinton, who used to live in North Carolina, wrote a series of popular novels, beginning with Friendship Cake, set in a small North Carolina town.  While she now lives in New Mexico and chose that state as the setting for Pie Town, she continues to write the inspiring, heart-warming fiction which Greensboro Public Library readers love.

Pie Town sounds like a great place to live – after all, who doesn’t like pie?  However, the local diner there hasn’t served pie in years.  One might expect a small town to be a friendly, welcoming place, but this small town is not.  The only bond holding together the Anglo, Hispanic, and Native American residents seems to be everyone’s affection for Alex, a disabled but brave and upbeat child.

Then two strangers arrive in town at the same time.  Father George, a young priest coming to his first assignment, seems unprepared to take over the parish, and his past includes some dark secrets.  Trina, a young hitchhiker, wears tight clothing and makes a lot of folks, including Father George, feel uncomfortable.  Eventually, both of these newcomers decide to leave, feeling that they can never be at home in Pie Town.  The story of how the town becomes a true community is as satisfying as Hinton’s earlier novels.

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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