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Never Go Back by Robert Goddard

It begins innocently enough – a small group of British Royal Air Force veterans have a 50 year reunion at a Scottish castle where they all previously served time as subjects for an educational experiment. The intent for an easy visit full of memories and drink is not to be – the reunion quickly goes awry when one of their members meets an untimely end, and he’s not the last.

The powers that be point the blame to Harry Barnett and his suspiciously absent ex-business partner Barry Chipchase, who apparently skipped out on the reunion in order to avoid other members of the party with which he’d had questionable business deals. Harry’s and Barry’s relationship with each other, strained as it is, makes them a convenient target for the police.

Harry and Barry spend the better part of two weeks staying on the good graces of the law and trying to clear their good names of what are trumped-up charges. Their attempts to save their hides from jail take them on a crazy whistle-stop tour of England and Scotland as their troubles get ever complex.

Robert Goddard is able to add a light-hearted adventuresome tone to what would otherwise be a grisly mystery.  This is my first introduction to his books; Never Go Back is highly worthy as a vacation page turner.  And, if you like this one, here’s a list of what the Greensboro Public Library has by Goddard that might strike your fancy.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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