Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss by Dean Karnazes

If I ever consider slacking off from doing my twice weekly 3 mile jog, I just read a chapter or two from this book and then promptly put on my running shoes.

To Dean Karnazes, 3 mile runs are strolls to the mailbox.  This guy rips through ultramarathons (foot races longer than 26.2 miles) like a sweet tooth eats candy.  He lives running and in doing so, inspires many a couch potato to do otherwise.  In Run!, you’ll get to check out his adventures through some of the most grueling competitions he’s experienced, on every continent on earth.

Karnazes truly gets to the grit of long distance foot racing.  You will really feel the brutal heat of Death Valley and the Sahara, or the wicked cold of Colorado’s Rockies and Antarctica, as he takes the reader on his treks.  Every hard-earned blister or busted toenail gets its due, as he makes no bones about his excursions and their toll, despite being in fantastic physical shape.  And something I like about Karnazes is that he admits that he’s not always the fastest in the pack; he is very quick to acknowledge the faster runner or the competitor with the better stamina.  And, amidst the exertion, he doesn’t lack for humor, either (the chapter about him running a treadmill for two days straight while being filmed is worth picking up the book itself).

Even if you haven’t jogged/run a step in your life, this book may persuade you differently – just maybe not through Death Valley.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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