The 3 Little Dassies

The 3 Little Dassies by Jan Brett, a retelling of The Three Little Pigs, features three dassie sisters (cute little squirrel-like rodents) dressed fetchingly in the traditional garb of the Herero women of Namibia, the setting for this story. Leaving home to make their way in the world, they encounter a hungry eagle that makes short work of one dassie’s grass house, another’s driftwood house but is defeated by the third’s secure home-made of rocks. There is a very happy & violence free ending to this tale, with many additional story elements to be found in the detailed and colorful illustrations.  An entertaining story with sideline stories on the borders that will keep readers going back to reread the borders themselves. Jan Brett has made a strong effort to portray a partnership of true animal behavior within the story. A nice change from her earlier works. 

Brandon Bensley -Children’s Librarian


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