Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion

For the adventurous young soul in your life just weaning him- or herself from the security blanket of choice, whether it be literally a blanket or a teddy bear or a bunny, Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion by Mo Willems is the perfect choice this winter season. Knuffle Bunny and Trixie go international in this third book about the oft separated (then reunited) duo, as the whole family goes to visit Oma and Opa in Holland. Knuffle Bunny gets left behind on the plane, sending Trixie into unrelieved moping as it seems this time he is gone for good. Finding that she is indeed “getting bigger,” as the grownups tell her encouragingly, Trixie thinks of the joy her bunny might be bringing to children around the world and begins to enjoy her own vacation. A surprise ending proves that Trixie has grown not only bigger, but brave and compassionate as well. This creatively illustrated picture book will entertain 4 to 6 year olds & the grownups in their lives.

Brandon Bensley


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