Eat Your Yard! by Nan K. Chase

This recent book is one of several on the subject of the edible landscape – plants that look great in your yard and feed you as well.  Eat Your Yard! covers the gamut of food-producing plants from fruit and nut trees to wildflowers and vines.  Each entry is jam-packed with growing tips, anecdotes, recipes, and the joys of eating homegrown food.  While some entries aren’t really suited to our climate here, others are tailor-made and obvious, and Chase provides tips for indoor contingency plans for the sensitive fig or citrus tree.  It also helps that the author, while from California originally, has made her home here in North Carolina, so most of the plants she covers here can go into your average Piedmont yard. 

Intertwined with the facts are the stories – of a weathered peach tree that does quite well on an unlikely mountain, of a childhood permeated with pecans, etc.  There’s plenty a welcome laugh amid all the plant talk, which the author gears to the layperson, layered with sumptuous photographs that will tempt the reader to the nearest nursery.  It’s just fun to flip through and imagine where that mini-orchard or fruit-bearing hedge might go…

Other books to ponder:

Designing and maintaining your edible landscape naturally by Robert Kourik

Landscaping with fruits and vegetables by Fred Hagy

Landscaping with fruit by Lee Reich

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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  1. There is one – unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow the title to be a link, or at least I haven’t been able to figure it out to make it so, but I always try to include the title of the book within the review’s text, which I do link to the catalog.

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