The Language God Talks by Herman Wouk

How does one reconcile religion and science, or are they forever exclusive of each other?  Author Wouk, known best for The Winds of War and The Caine Mutiny, makes a valiant attempt to do so, sharing his sincere appreciation for the world of science while maintaining his solid Judaic faith.  The result is a sort of mini-memoir that encapsulates the Talmud and space exploration, along with Wouk’s literary life and his encounters with the renowned scientist Richard Feynman, who coined the phrase “The Language God Talks” to describe calculus. 

Does Wouk readily reconcile religion and science?  Hard to say, but it’s worth the jaunt to read about.  Wouk writes in an accessible style, as fans of The Winds of War can probably attest, although if your preference is brevity, The Language God Talks is considerably shorter (180 pages), quite appropriate for a weekend read. 

For previous books of Wouk’s on the subject of Judaism, took a look at This Is My God and/or The Will To Live On.

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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