Enchanted Lions

enchantedBedtime stories are a dime a dozen these days, so it is a pleasant surprise to find one that peacefully portrays a bedtime tale without going over the top.  Enchanted Lions by David Greenberg is about a enchanted lion who takes a little girl to see the constellations prior to her drifting off to sleep.  What makes this a better story than most is the illustrations which are done in soft pastels that go along with the idea that this is nighttime and a time for rest.  The lion is drawn in proportionate size to the little girl.  And since this is after all a bedtime story, the lion is not portrayed as a ferocious man-eating animal.  All in all, this better-than-average bedtime story should become an instant hit.  Makes for an excellent book for one on one or for a group of sleepyheads.

(Mark Taylor, Benjamin Branch Library)


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