One Small Step

one small stepFor those who enjoy fictional tales of going to the moon, this recent story by P.B. Kerr is right on target.  One Small Step is set right before the launch of Apollo 11.  Scott, a 13 year old, loves flying, especially with his Air force dad.  When Scott saves his dad and himself in a plane crash NASA suddenly takes notice.  Scott is asked to be a quick replacement for a chimpanzee for a top secret mission.  The mission in this case is fly to the moon with two chimps before the first lunar landing.  For Scott, it is a time of harsh lessons and big adventures from Houston, Texas to the moon and back.  What really goes  well in this plot is the way the author handles the typical stuff that boys even today deal with personal values, school work, family relations, friends and girlfriends.  Unfortunately the story is marred by the mystical aspect that happens near the end of the story.  Fortunately, the rest of the story is so tightly written and moves at such a fast pace that one almost expects there to be an alien or two.  This should not stop the reader from enjoying the book.  It’s a nice fictional reminder of those special events from July 1969.

(Mark Taylor, Benjamin Branch)


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