Sail by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

sailSail is a quick summer read, a bestselling page-turner.  Katherine Dunne, a heart surgeon whose husband died in a scuba diving accident four years ago, is blissfully happy in her second marriage.  However, the older two of her three children are not doing so well.  Eighteen-year-old Carrie suffers from bulimia and depression, while sixteen-year-old Mark is a heavy pot user with no ambition.  Her solution to the problem is to take the children on a sailing trip with her brother-in-law Jake, an accomplished sailor, as captain, hoping that the family can overcome their problems as they work together on the boat.  Kathryn’s husband, a busy trial lawyer, stays on shore. 

As the trip progresses, the sailboat runs into bad weather and a completely unexpected disaster.  Will they make it out alive?  Will they learn to cooperate and to recover their family ties?  Who’s behind the plot to murder the family, and will it succeed?  There are so many twists and turns that you’ll never be bored for a minute!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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