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False Economy by Alan Beattie

The craziness of our economy in recent years has as its antecedents all kinds of false economyhistorical shenanigans.  The gall of the credit industry can barely hold a candle to some of the historical bungles that have brought down whole countries by greed and/or stupidity.  But what really determines the economic success of a country – fate or folly?  And then again, for the average reader, the biggest hurdle in understanding all this is plowing through the  endless tomes of economic history that read as dry as the Sahara.

Not to say that False Economy is a completely easy read – it isn’t.  There are some stretches here that made no sense to me.  But the book does bring the hubris of economic folly to light in layman’s language.  The author softens the tedium of it all into chapters that read more like entertaining history lessons. 

It’s uneven, but well worth the read for the historical perspectives in light of the economic problems of today.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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