The Unknowns: A Mystery by Benedict Carey

Benedict CThe Unknownsarey has carved out an unusual tale in his story  The Unknowns:  A Mystery.  The premise is that people from this trailer park start to disappear and it’s up to to two youths to try and find them and uncover what is really going on at a nuclear power plant.  The only clues they have are those that one finds in a math problem.  What makes this mystery stand out from perhaps other mysteries is the math clues themselves.  You really have to stop and think about what the clues are trying to solve!  Math was never my strong suit, but even I found myself trying to figure out the clues as I read the story.  The two main characters of the story find that they must seek the aid of two older youths thought to be crazy who turn out to hold several answers that help to solve the mystery.  The characters themselves could have been a little more developed but the basis of the story is clear enough, even if few of us live in a trailer park in the middle of an island with a garbage dump and a nuclear power plant.  It’s best to read this when you can stay focused.

(Mark Taylor, Benjamin Branch)


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