Eat My Globe: One Year To Go Everywhere And Eat Everything by Simon Majumdar

The author is a born epicurean.  His family, half Indian and half Welsh, focused on food to the point of obsession, and wholeheartedly lived to eat and discuss what they had eat my globeeaten.  Growing up this way set him up for discriminating tastes and a gastronomic nerve for the unknown.  He moved to London from his North English hometown in his twenties.  Experiencing London, with its host of ethnic restaurants, was like getting shot out of a culinary cannon, and he spent a great deal of time and years (happily) eating through the varied eateries that have defined cuisine there. 

Needless to say, Majumdar gave up a decent but deadend job in his mid-forties, when he decided a worldwide trip to eat what was worthwhile wherever was in order – to literally “go everywhere and eat everything.”  Well, everything would be overly ambitious, but he sure covers a lot of ground, in this easy to read and funny romp around the culinary world.  Majumdar goes for the commonplace and the obscure, the comfort foods and the strange eyebrow-raising dishes – everything is fair game to him.  The key factor is taste, preparation, and decent ingredients, and always that special “other” characteristic that makes a particular dish phenomenal.  It doesn’t hurt him to have a fabulous network of friends met from online food blogs and previous excursions.  This opens a lot of doors for him in some really out of the way places.  It’s to the author’s credit that he has an easy-going acceptance of both haute cuisine and food stall eateries alike – this makes this book a joy (and chuckle) to read.

If you’re a fan of Anthony Bourdain but want your perspective from a omnivorous foodie rather than a chef,  try this humorous book out.  Warning –  a strong stomach is needed in places.  Majumdar doesn’t mince words concerning dicey experiences.

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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