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Death on Disaster Day by Nancy Gotter Gates

Disaster_dayGates lives in High Point, and the setting for this mystery novel is Greensboro.  Many places familiar to Greensboro residents, from Irving Park to the Battleground and from the Moose Café at the Farmer’s Market to Wesley Long Hospital, are locations for some of the scenes. A local setting always adds to my enjoyment of a novel, since I can picture myself in the various places where the characters go.  The plot and characters would have kept my interest no matter what setting Gates had chosen for her mystery.

Middle-aged divorcee Tommi Poag takes part in “Disaster Day,” in which volunteers play the parts of victims and Girl Scouts practice treating the volunteers’ “wounds.” Then Tommi discovers that one of her fellow victims is really dead. Matters go from bad to worse as Tommi’s ex-husband, Bernard, is arrested for the murder. While her relationship with her former husband isn’t exactly great, she knows he isn’t capable of murder, and she starts seeking the real killer.

(Helen Snow, Information Services)

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