Short and Sinister by Diane Lambright Berry, et al.

Short_and_sinister_2If you enjoy the mystery genre, take a look at this anthology of short stories and poems. All five authors live in North Carolina, and DiMeo, Gates, and O’Neill are Greensboro residents.

The collection gets off to a good start with “Last Words” by Helen Goodman, the story of a retirement center resident who has a successful business writing obituaries—before the subjects die.  Dorothy P. O’Neill’s “Apple Pie Order” is next, telling the story of Josephine, a senior citizen who expects her marriage to bring economic security. It does, but sometimes she thinks she’d prefer the local homeless shelter.  Diane Lambright Berry includes several stories whose main character, Sarah Short, has retired and opened a private investigating agency. Her husband, Sam, and some of their relatives assist Sarah on her adventures.  Nancy Gotter Gates’ story “Man with a Scam” is about Vince Applegate, who woos older women through an Internet chat room and then, posing as a financial adviser, invests their fortunes—in himself.  Elizabeth DiMeo’s contributions include “A Dog’s Life in Brooklyn Heights,” about Lorelei, who dotes on dogs, and her husband Homer, who despises them.  And that’s just a taste of the stories in the book, not to mention the poems!

If you’d like to read entire mystery novels by some of these authors, take a look at those by Gates and O’Neill. O’Neill has also written novels in the light romance genre.

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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