The Beat Goes On by Jim Schlosser

Jim Schlosser recently retired from the News & Record after forty-one years as a reporter for that newspaper and for the earlier Greensboro Record. He was best known to most readers for his columns about local history. The Greensboro Bicentennial Commission sponsored this collection of Jim’s columns on local businesses, local people, and local events, and Gayle Fripp, author of books about Greensboro history and former assistant director of the Greensboro Historical Museum, edited the book. Having some of Schlosser’s columns in book form will prove, I believe, one of the most lasting achievements to come from the bicentennial celebration.

This collection is a readable, fascinating way to increase your knowledge of Greensboro history. Whether you must confess an almost complete ignorance on the topic or whether you consider yourself pretty well-read in this area, you won’t want to miss this book.  If time doesn’t permit you to read all of the columns , you can easily use the index to find topics that arouse your curiosity and read only the parts of special interest to you.

(Helen Snow, Information Services)

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