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Once Upon a City: Greensboro, North Carolina’s Second Century by Howard E. Covington, Jr.

This book has been selling very quickly at the Greensboro Historical Museum’s gift shop. From the difficult Depression years through the opening of the ballpark in downtown Greensboro, it covers Greensboro history from the perspective of a number of city leaders. There is a special emphasis on Jim Melvin, who has been a major presence for almost fifty years, first in the Jaycees and then as a city councilman, as mayor, and now as head of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation for Greater Greensboro. This is a very readable telling, with plenty of interesting anecdotes. Other histories of Greensboro, with different perspectives, include Greensboro, North Carolina: The County Seat of Guilford by Ethel Arnett (1955), Greensboro, a Chosen Center by Gayle Fripp (1982 and 2001 editions), Civilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina and the Black Struggle for Freedom by William Chafe (1980), and Drinking Gourds of Guilford by Hal Sieber (2005). We have North Carolina Collection copies, which are always in the library for reference use, and circulating copies of all of these. During this, Greensboro’s bicentennial year, take a look at one of these titles!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)

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