Blasphemy by Douglas Preston

BlasphemyTo say too much about this book is to give away the plot.  Suffice it to say that a bunch of scientists in a research facility in the Arizona desert make a very interesting discovery while working with a superconducting supercollider particle accelerator.  All the general public knows is that the scientists are trying to understand the Big Bang.  This is enough for a televangelist in need of more publicity (and money) to claim that the scientists are trying to disprove Genesis, causing so many emails to D.C. that government servers crash.  Add Navajos upset by the use of their land, a CIA agent sent in to discover why the machine hasn’t produced anything useful yet, some slimy lobbyists, and the possibility of Armageddon. 

Preston doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on character development, but the plot moves right along.  There are also discussions about God and physics that give the reader some things to think about.  Lincoln Child, a frequent co-author with Preston, is quoted as saying “With Blasphemy, Douglas Preston has finally gone too far.  One way or another, I’m afraid he may burn for this book.”  Interesting.

(Sherrie Antonowicz, Administration)

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