The Spiderwick Chronicles (Audio Book)

You’ve seen the movie trailer (maybe even the movie itself by the time this entry is posted) and you may have read the books (I certainly hope so, being a librarian and all that). So why am I recommending yet another version of The Spiderwick Chronicles? Well, I could give a long speech about the audio book as a way to spend quality family time during long car trips or I could talk about the benefits of improving your school-age child’s listening skills. However, in all honesty, listening to the Spiderwick Chronicles is just plain fun! The version owned by GPL includes the first five books in one set–that’s almost 6 hours running time.

The story line, as you may know, is classic kid’s fantasy–twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace and their sister Mallory move to a creepy old house in the country where they encounter boggarts, dwarves, and many other fantastic creatures. What makes the audio set particularly special is the narration by Mark Hamill. (Yep, that Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker!) Hamill does a fantastic job in creating unique voices for the various creatures. For me, the mark of a good audio book is that you hate to turn off the CD player when you reach your destination. The Spiderwick Chronicles absolutely meets that standard. Look up Mark Hamill on the Internet Movie Database and you’ll see that he’s done a lot of voice work. He’s definitely talented in this area. So the next time you’re planning a road trip (or just need some entertainment on the way to the grocery store), give this set a try. You won’t be disappointed.

(Marya Ryals, Hemphill Branch)


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